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Novel vaccine technology to suppress the growth of certain tumors
From Baxter International Inc.Mar 29 2004 MedImmune, Inc. and Cerus Corporation have announced preclinical results demonstrating the effectiveness of a
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75% of young Britains still ignoring skin cancer warnings
Mar 30 2004 Almost three quarters of Britain’s young men and women are boosting their risk of potentially fatal skin cancer in their search for a suntan.
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Protein sequences harder to predict than originally thought
Apr 12 2004 Scientists have believed for decades that the sequencing of the human genome would automatically yield the sequences of proteins, the functional
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FDA approves advanced malignant melanoma drug
Apr 14 2004 Maxim Pharmaceuticals today announced that its treatment protocol to provide its investigational drug Ceplene(TM), in combination with interleukin-2
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FDA approval for skin cancer cream
Apr 14 2004 3M has received an “approvable” letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in response to its supplemental new drug
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Cancer-specific protein offers new target for the development of melanoma vaccine
Apr 16 2004 Scientists from the Cancer Vaccine Collaborative (CVC) have discovered that the cancer-specific protein, SSX-2, induces a spontaneous immunological
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New insights into how tumors neutralize CD8 T cells
Apr 16 2004 It has long been recognized that the immune system is able to recognize and destroy cancer cells, but although the immunological battle might
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Skin cancer is now the UK's most common cancer in both men and women
Apr 23 2004 Macmillan skin cancer nurse specialists will be promoting sun awareness and the dangers of skin cancer during Sun Awareness Week which runs
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Researchers find mucus plays key role in cancer
Apr 29 2004 Mucus is exciting to some cancer researchers. No kidding. Investigators at the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center in Boston became intrigued
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UK, skin cancer specialists to check out moles
Apr 30 2004 Macmillan skin cancer nurse, Denise Hancock, and colleagues from the Dermatology Department at Southampton University Hospitals Trust are inviting