MedPage Today, CollabRx sign license agreement for Oncology Next

MedPage Today, CollabRx sign license agreement for Oncology Next

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Aug 9 2012

Tegal Corporation (NASDAQ: TGAL) today announced that its recently acquired CollabRx, Inc., subsidiary signed an exclusive license agreement to provide a version of its proprietary Therapy Finder™ tool to MedPage Today, Everyday Health, Inc.’s rapidly growing online site that serves 96% of all oncologists and 1.6 million monthly online unique users.    

CollabRx is a cloud-based genomic information company that enables physicians to take into account a tumor’s genetic profile when considering targeted therapies in patient-specific cancer treatments. To be launched today exclusively at as “Oncology Next”, the CollabRx tool leverages recent years’ dramatic increase in tumor genetic data, which in turn has resulted in a parallel increase in the development of cancer therapies that target specific genetic profiles.

CollabRx has developed clinical advisory networks, expert systems, proprietary tools and processes, and a pipeline of commercial data products and applications (“apps”). CollabRx Therapy Finders™ are web-based apps that serve as one type of user interface to access proprietary CollabRx content, which is dynamically updated and organized in a knowledgebase that includes information on molecular diagnostics, medical tests, clinical trials, drugs, biologics and other information relevant for cancer treatment planning. CollabRx content is supported by a network of over 50 of the top clinical practitioners in the United States.

Oncology Next” will bring CollabRx proprietary content to registered physicians of MedPage Today, which attracted over 1.6 million unique visitors in June 2012 (comScore), making it one of the top healthcare professional websites in the U.S. “Oncology Next” will be available initially as a free digital decision-support service focusing on treatment of lung cancer. Subsequently on a rolling basis, “Oncology Next” is to deliver information on treatment of melanoma, colorectal cancer and breast cancer.

“Oncology Next” is a free service to help physicians choose well for their patients. Everyday Health and MedPage Today will offer sponsorships and lead generation tools to major healthcare companies in connection with this initiative. In addition to licence fees, a portion of the revenue generated by sponsorships is to be shared with CollabRx.

“The medical doctors and scientists at CollabRx have created this breakthrough tool, and MedPage Today has the strongest platform to reach physicians and help change cancer patient outcomes,” said James Karis, CEO of CollabRx, Inc. and Co-CEO of Tegal Corporation. “The CollabRx strategy is to develop partnerships with key players that have the greatest reach to multiple health care market segments. We are excited to be able to announce our first partnership with the leading digital resource for healthcare professionals.”

MedPage Today’s partnership with CollabRx illustrates our commitment to providing innovative and state-of-the-art tools for physicians,” explained Ben Wolin, CEO and Co-Founder Everyday Health, Inc. “‘Oncology Next’ provides the community of oncologists free access to medical and scientific advances in genomic medicine to better inform their treatment planning for their patients.”




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