Melanoma risk rises with the use of sunbeds: Study

Melanoma risk rises with the use of sunbeds: Study

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By Dr. Ananya Mandal, MDAug 5 2010

According to an Australian Melanoma Family study, use of sunbeds to get a tan can increase the risk of developing melanoma by 41 per cent. The study looked into the effects of sunbeds on 18-39-year-olds and found that 23 per cent of participants who had melanoma reported using these machines.

Study’s senior author and the Melanoma Institute Australia’s co-director of research, Graham Mann says, “The dangers of using sunbeds are now well known, but there is a special message from this research for young people – avoid them completely.” “Our findings indicate that sunbeds caused about three quarters of melanomas in sunbed users under the age of 30,” he added.

Co-author of the research, University of Sydney Professor Bruce Armstrong agreed saying females were more likely to use sunbeds. He said, “Participants who began using sunbeds before 20 years of age or reported more than 10 sunbed sessions during their life doubled their risk of melanoma.”


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