Xstrahl introduces Phtotoelectric therapy to the European market at ESTRO 2015

Xstrahl introduces Phtotoelectric therapy to the European market at ESTRO 2015

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Apr 24 2015

Xstrahl Medical will introduce the exciting new Photoelectric Therapy system to the European Market at the start of the 3rd European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) forum in Barcelona, Spain on Friday 24th April. Xstrahl (Stand 3700) have worked with clinicians to develop a system that will allow an even greater number of patients to choose this surgery free, non-invasive treatment option. With a focus on cure, Photoelectric Therapy is the evolution in the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers.

Utilising trusted and clinically proven low energy photons, in a dedicated treatment system. Photoelectric Therapy provides a pain free, non-surgical alternative for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer, especially those found in sensitive areas of the head and neck.

Amanda Tulk, Marketing Director at Xstrahl explains

In an era of personalised medicine we should expect skin cancer treatment to be minimally invasive on the way we look. At Xstrahl we have developed a solution that will enable more patients to gain access to a simple but effective and curative way to treat Non Melanoma Skin Cancer

Photoelectric Therapy delivers its treatment to the skin surface. The dose profile falls away rapidly within the first few millimetres of the skin, thus preserving the skin’s integrity. The ergonomically designed skin contact applicators and halo ring guidance allows for optimal conformal treatment positioning. The high dose output enables treatment times to be kept to a minimum. Designed with the clinician and their patient in mind, the smooth controlled movement enables easy set up and crucially, a comfortable treatment experience for the patient.

Amanda Tulk continues:

ESTRO represents the perfect platform to introduce this new and exciting system to the European market. We feel that this products represent the Xstrahl Medical vision which is to be a leader in patient centered medical therapy

Visit Stand 3700 to experience Photoelectric Therapy or for more information visit www.xstrahl.com.

This device has not yet gained market clearance in the USA.



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